"Some men see things as they are and ask why? I dream of things that never were and ask why not?" 
- Robert Kennedy
  • Rob served as Market Area President for Busey Bank. Served as the president of the Chamber of Commerce, Museum of History, Brommen Advisory Council, and Multicultural Leadership Council as well as Treasurer of the local girl scout chapter.

  • Made a proposal to the Bloomington city council to establish the Bloomington Center for Performing Arts that was successfully passed.

  • Co-chaired the very successful capital campaign for the Museum of History.

  • Represented ward 8 on the Bloomington City Council.

  • Chaired the Leadership McLean County Council and actively participated in the Multicultural Leadership program.

  • Served as Treasurer for the successful Bloomington Mayor candidate in 2016.

  • Coached an American Junior League baseball team for 4 years.

Auditing Experience
  • As a bank president, Rob responded to and implemented audit findings from federal regulator agencies.

  • As a representative of the American Bankers Association, Rob led teams in one-week audits in bankers' schools in Iowa City an Kansas City to determine whether or not each school should retain its credentials to represent ABA in teaching bankers.

  • As a member of the London audit team of Continental Illinois National Bank of Chicago, Rob participated in the two-week audit of its Vienna, Austria branch.

  • Rob worked with auditors as the President of the Chamber of Commerce, the Museum of History, and Treasurer of the local girl scout chapter

  • Rob participated on a business ethics panel with then Governor Jim Edgar, and then Senator Paul Simon at a University of Illinois Symposium

Sometimes living a comfortable life is interrupted by the need to do something

irrational.  Running for the position of Auditor at my stage of life is just such a case.

This is not a career-building venture but more of a calling to protect the people of 

McLean County.

Your tax dollars don't represent a political party. Neither should your County Auditor.

I am running for County Auditor because I believe the Auditor should be a

non-partisan. professional reporting to the County Administrator, and not a 

partisan elected official, I am committed to helping make this change happen--

a change that will save taxpayers money and strengthen the county's fiscal practices.

We have way too many units of government. One of the reasons I am running as a

Democrat is to have smaller government. That’s sort of the theme of this campaign.

Smaller government is a dream."